The Entech Gatling Gun® has a unique, patented design. The technology was pioneered by our founders to redefine and simplify packaging operations and set a new purity standard.

Revolutionary design enhances productivity by accommodating any container size you specify; this versatility eliminates the need to manually change fittings. Simplified changeovers reduce downtime, increase line safety, and can be performed by operators, allowing mechanics to focus on other tasks. Downtime is drastically reduced. Container sizes are changed in as little as five to six minutes as opposed to one to three hours.

Every Entech Gatling Gun is designed to your exact specifications using industry-leading CAD standards, including preferred cleaning mediums. Able to run 1,800 cans per minute, the Gatling Gun can adapt to any fill rate. The customized inversion drums on the Gatling Gun accommodate your container size needs today and into the future. 

The Gatling Gun can rinser is a sound investment because the uptime and labor savings deliver a return on investment in under one year. The Gatling Gun’s quality design and craftsmanship ensure a service life of 10 years or more. 


Gatling gun can rinser twist

Entech's Gatling Gun can rinser enables twists to be quickly and easily rotated into place, eliminating time-consuming changeovers. Operators can change container sizes in minutes instead of hours. Crafted by hand with exacting specifications, Entech twists provide smooth transitions and prevent hang-ups and fall-overs. Twist options include durable eight-bar construction along with hard chroming on top and bottom bars for optimal performance and extended service life. Our rotating twists accommodate:

·      Food applications of 2.5 to 64 ounces, up to 12 container sizes on the same line ·      Beverage applications of 6 to 24 ounces, up to 10 can sizes on the same line



Inversion is critical. Entech products ensure proper inverting, and, most critically, re-inverting. We’ve combined multiple steps into a continuous, uninterrupted process. The Gatling Gun can rinser allows you to improve purity – regardless of your chosen cleaning medium – by cleaning containers more thoroughly and efficiently than past industry standards allowed.

Entech understands the science behind ionized air. As a first step, it neutralizes static charges and loosens dust and debris inside the container. We provide rinsing options that utilize house air as well as blown air. Suction is used in the final step to ensure container cleanliness before filling. Filtered and ozonated water, along with suction, are used as an alternative method of cleaning containers.

Gatling gun can rinser inverter


Inversion is performed after seaming and again upon exiting the warmer/pasteurizer. Entech's solutions include inline and conveyor-to-conveyor inverters with quick change twists and Gatling Gun systems. Our systems are rugged, flexible and crafted of stainless steel for quick and easy cleaning.


The Gatling Gun’s high standard of quality in design, fabrication, and installation means fewer breakdowns and repairs. When the need arises, Entech offers replacement parts for our products, allowing rapid deployment for repairs and upgrades. Our expert technicians are known for their problem-solving ingenuity and flexibility in completing service calls on your timetable, with minimal downtime.