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The Gatling Gun

The Gatling Gun is a patented Entech invention that redefines packaging operations by introducing a new standard of simplicity and cleanliness. Revolutionary design enhances productivity by incorporating multiple can sizes. Simple changeovers reduce downtime, increase line safety, and allow any operator to preform the process. Custom CAD fabrication allows for customer preferred cleaning mediums while design innovations provide multiple customer-specific container sizes. The expandable inversion drums mean that your Gatling Gun will adapt to fit your future production needs. 


The Twist

Entech's Rotating twists eliminate the traditional problem of time-consuming and complicated refitting of varying container size inverters. Operators can change container sizes in five to six minutes as opposed to the previously required one to three hours. Rotating twists can accommodate up to six container sizes. Entech twists are crafted by hand with exacting specifications that provide smoother transitions preventing can hangups or fall-overs


A unique combination of design and fabrication improve purity by eliminating contaminants that could not be detected or measured in the past. The Gatling Gun allows clients to improve their levels of purity regardless of their chosen cleaning medium while cleaning containers more thoroughly and efficiently than previous industry standards.


Inversion is critical to proper production and packaging. Entech products ensure proper inverting; and, most critically, re-inverting. The Gatling Gun process simplifies and enhances productivity on production lines.

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Maintenance Services

Entech offers replacement parts for its products allowing for rapid deployment for repairs or upgrades. All maintenance services are preformed by expert engineers known for their ingenuity and flexibility.