The Entech Gatling Gun Can Rinser

The Constant Pursuit of Purity and Productivity


Entech Fabrications is a leader in the design and fabrication of rinsing and cleaning systems for the food, beverage, nutrition and pharmaceutical industries. Leading food and beverage brands choose Entech for productivity, purity and reliability. Our innovations deliver production efficiencies – including easy six-minute changeovers – that help organizations achieve a return on investment in less than 10 months.

Our founders, Harry Workman and Dale Chapman, are experienced machinists with over 90 years of combined experience and expertise. Their packaging industry knowledge and appetite for solving customer needs culminated in the invention of the patented Entech Gatling Gun® can rinser. Today, Entech continues our founder’s assurance of delivering quality and craftsmanship to every customer. 

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Entech’s commitment to purity includes expertise with water and air rinsing mediums as well as compressed and blower air systems, ensuring that optimal taste profiles are delivered. 

Our technology helps you maximize uptime for faster, safer operations. The Gatling Gun’s unique rotating design accommodates multiple can sizes and provides smooth, uninterrupted operation even during changeovers. This singular process reduces downtime and improves line output while minimizing can hang ups. View the Entech Gatling Gun in action here.

We provide customized installation and expertise with twists and fittings. Entech designs twists for inversion, code dating and rinsing on new and existing packaging lines. Entech service technicians ensure that every customer’s precise design specifications and unique performance requirements are met.


The Entech Gatling Gun can rinser optimizes productivity for:

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